Anxiety & Depression

Worry and despair can consume your whole day. It can also be incredibly isolating and you deserve not to suffer alone. Let's explore dynamics that are unique to you that may be contributing to anxiety or depression such as past trauma, relationship conflict, lack of work/life balance, or false stories you tell and believe about yourself. Together we can uncover the root cause of your distress, correct negative thoughts and feelings that keep you trapped, and develop better coping skills to prevent depression and anxiety from controlling your life.


Most people will experience some form of trauma in their lifetime whether it's a car accident, growing up with a dysfunctional parent, abuse or neglect, or a health crisis of a family member or self. We'll safely and slowly explore your traumatic experiences and your unique reactions. Therapy can help you recover from trauma by learning how trauma affects the body/mind, building resilience and strengths, and reestablishing a sense of safety within yourself and your surroundings.

Relationship Issues

Breaking free from codependency is letting go of core fears of abandonment and rejection. Learn how to spend time by yourself, become comfortable advocating for your own needs, and gain radical acceptance that you can’t change other people. Let's help you create meaningful relationships that don't depend upon you abandoning yourself or making yourself small for another person.

Grief, Loss, and Life Transitions

Life transitions may be centered around something exciting, such as graduating from college, getting married, or having a baby. They can also be prompted by distressing situations, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or being laid off from a job. We all experience transitions -- big and small, planned and unplanned. If you find a recent transition or loss is impacting your mood, social interactions, or ability to work, it's time to explore how to adjust to new ways of living. Therapy can help you gain insight, perspective, and coping strategies as you move through life-altering events.